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Wrapped bronze sliding bearing, with lubrication pockets in diamond or round shape.

Easy for fitting and lubricating.


High load capacity, high level thermal conductivity.

Good fatigue stength, corrision resistance and abrasion resistance.

lubrcation oil groove or oilhole is available!

Standard or non-standard according to customer demand.

DIN 1494/ ISO3547

We can also develop according to customers special request. Data for sliding bearing design calculation Pls click here
  • 材质
  • 技术参数
  • 应用领域
  • HLDB-090 bushings, also named as FB090, FBB090, are wrapped from a cold formed homogenous bronze(CuSn8P) with exceptional material properties, with its surface punched with diamond shaped lubrication indents which are preserved for oil or grease saving. The material is suitable for construction and agricultural machinery application.

    Chemical Compositions
    HLDB-090      Cu%Sn%P%Pb%Zn%

  • Max. LoadStatic120 N/mm2Mating AxisHardness>=50 HRC
    Dynamic40 N/mm2Roughness0.4~1.0
    Max Speed
    2.5 m/sElongation40%
    Max.PV2.8 N/mm2*m/sWorking Temperature-40~+150℃
    Tensile Strength460 N/mm2Friction Coefficient0.05~0.25 
    Yield Strength280 N/mm2Heat Conduction Coefficient58 W/(m*k)
    HardnessHB 90~150Thermal Expansion Coefficient18.5*10-6*K-1
  • This type of bushing is widely applied in hoisting machines and other construction machines, automobiles, tractors, trucks, machines tools and some mineral engines, etc.